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I couldn't think of a good way to explain it so here:
"Here's the plan: You comment with your username, and people will comment ANONYMOUSLY with things they love and cherish about you. I say anonymously because it makes the atmosphere lighter and more mysterious, kind of like a Secret Santa only with love and holiday cheer! People will wonder who these caring people are and appreciate the fact that they exist, not only the fact that they may be best friends with them.

Then find people you care about and have something nice to say to - even if you don't know them! - and leave them something that will make their heart feel a little warmer at night. This way, the love will go around and around and the magical spirit of the season can be cherished and appreciated by all.

* Post your username here if you haven't already done so in part one and have fun!

* Feel free to post your username again even if you've already done so in the other thread.
There's no such thing as "too many" well-wishes!"
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